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What are oilcloths?

Today, oilcloth tends to refer to printed cotton fabrics which are given a hot melt vinyl (pvc) coating in order to get a waterproof and wipe-clean finish. Advancements in the coating processes over the years have allowed us to see a whole new finish to the oil cloth. As well as the traditional gloss (or shiny) finish to the oilcloth fabric, Only Oilcloths also stocks a large range of ‘matt’ oilcloths. The matt finish is still easy to wipe & has many of the great characteristics of the usual gloss oilcloth, but it is a more subtle finish which leaves the wipeable surface of the tablecloth looking less plastic & more like the original fabric. Although the traditional gloss oilcloth (a great finish which really enhances the colours in the tablecloth) still remains the popular choice particularly in households with children (partially because the harder gloss finish is slightly more durable, but also because of the colours), matt oilcloths are increasing in popularity & have a very loyal following by many of our regular customers.

Oilcloth table covers have become increasingly fashionable, and are a great way to add new life to your kitchen decor. The number of oilcloth designs are forever changing, and here at Only Oilcloths, we endeavour to bring out many new patterns, including vintage, classic, and modern designs also designer and Scandinavian oilcloth, regularly over the course of a year, giving the widest choice of patterns which will go with every colour scheme. Oilcloth tablecloths are no longer only seen as the practical solution for protecting the kitchen table, but also a perfect fashion accessory to improve all kitchens from the traditional farmhouse kitchen to the modern contemporary kitchen, and will brighten up even the most aged of kitchens. Many of our oilcloths patterns have even been selected with the garden in mind. Most outdoor picnic tables, even after their annual varnish/maintenance are in need of a splash of colour, brightness & feeling of cleanliness you can easily acheive with an oilcloth. Although the oilcloths are not designed to be kept outdoors, they are great to bring out on a sunny day to brighten up the garden table & give a perfect clean & wipeable surface to entertain friends around. We even give the option for a parasol hole if your chosen oilcloth is for the garden table.

As well as a great accessory for the kitchen table, oilcloths are used by many designers to produce a fantastic range of bags. Bags made from oilcloths are seen by some as one of the latest ‘must have’ in fashion accessories.

Oilcloth fabric uk coated. All of our oilcloths are made from cotton fabrics which are coated in the UK.

3 thoughts on “Buy Oilcloth Fabric and Tablecloth Online

  1. Angela says:

    Your oilcloths are a joy to work with when making my bags. I have sold so many over the past few months and all my customers are absolutely delighted. Many thanks for bringing these fabulous designs to us.
    Best wishes
    NineteenFiftyFour Bespoke Bags

  2. DEIRDRE says:

    I have to give ‘Only OIlcloths’ top marks for customer service. I ordered and paid for my oil cloth only to change my mind and colour scheme the following morning. Womans prerogative and all of that.. .. One phone call and it was all sorted. Thank you so much!!! Great website too….

  3. ELAINE says:

    Just made my first order mainly due to all your very complimentary reviews. The designs do look very inviting and I shall use my purchases for making my bags and various other crafty things. Lots of choice and most of all sensible delivery charges! Can’t wait to start crafting.

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