Oilcloth Fabric

When most people think of oilcloth fabric they tend to think of PVC oilcloth fabric which is bright, easy to clean and looks like plastic. So, you would probably think that they are only for houses with young children.

This is no longer the case. Thanks to recent advancements in the coating process, you can now get oilcloth fabrics which are matt or gloss and look much more like the original fabric.

Wipe clean oilcloths are a great way to add colour to your kitchen or dining room. They can also help to give your house, or even each room, its own signature look.

Where are Oilcloth Fabrics Used?

Oilcloth table covers have become increasingly fashionable. They can add new life or extra zest to your kitchen, dining room or nursery.

Wipeable oilcloths are no longer just a practical solution for protecting your kitchen table. They are also a fashion accessory which will improve the look of any kitchen whether it has a traditional farmhouse or a modern, contemporary design.

Many of our designs are ideal for replacing formal, plain white tablecloths. Designs from our Bistro and Deli and floral range are perfect for when you need to feed the family but want a more informal and relaxed breakfast, lunch or dinner.

You will also find designs that have been specifically created for the garden. These are perfect for outdoor picnic tables. Although you cannot keep oilcloths outside, they are ideal to bring out on sunny days to brighten up your garden or picnic tables. You even have the option to have a parasol hole put into your chosen oilcloth so that it sits perfectly on your garden table.

Different Oilcloth Designs

It is important that you pick a design that fits well with your kitchen, nursery or outdoor table. You may want something that looks modern or maybe you prefer an old-fashioned style or how about something bright and cheery?

You are certain to find something that suits you in our extensive range which includes:

The versatility of tablecloths – vinyl PVC wipe clean tablecloths

Unlike synthetic, permeable fabric, a vinyl table covering can be used both indoors and outdoors. If you’re hosting an outdoor event and suddenly find yourself at the mercy of British weather, PVC wipe clean tablecloths can be your saviour! They’re easy to store and won’t require hours of drying if they do get wet.

Ideal for outdoor events

Better still, for use in event applications, wipeable tablecloth vinyl makes light work of spills and other accidents. Consider them in use at a pop-up bar, for example. If your bartender inevitably overfills a pint of beer, there’s no issue of staining or hassle over clean-up: a simple damp cloth will have it sparkling again in no time.

This can prove to be a huge time and money saver for events and catering managers – rather than spending hours arguing over dry cleaning bills, a cost-effective wipe easy tablecloth will solve the problem instantly.

Hard-wearing for multiple applications

There’s a reason that vinyl is the polymer of choice for so many applications – primarily, it is incredibly durable, and a vinyl coated tablecloth oilcloth, if looked after in the right manner (simply wiped after use with a damp cloth), can last for many years. The vinyl/PVC coating also has a strong resistance to many chemicals, as well as sunlight and oxidation from water.

Weddings, events or even household occasions all present a variety of hazards that other tablecloth materials simply cannot withstand. Candle fires, accidental rips, wax spills and chemical spills can all wreak havoc on a traditional cloth fabric. PVC does not burn; it is non-permeable, highly heat-resistant and can peel away from wax easily.

A variety of colours and designs

You may be thinking that PVC coverings don’t offer much in terms of aesthetics. But a vinyl table cover doesn’t have to be boring – just as you can have a selection of colours and embroidery styles for cotton or polyester tablecloths, you also have free rein with your vinyl table covering!

How is this made possible?

Oilcloth is the solution. This combines the above mentioned printed cotton fabrics with a hot melt vinyl plastic. A print design is coated with PVC for a wipe-clean finish. This provides the same flexibility you’d expect from the non-rigid form of PVC, together with the design that suits your chosen application.

Uses of oilcloth

You might find yourself wanting to theme your own wedding with a particular design, combined with the functionality of a non-permeable fabric. An oilcloth tablecloth is a great choice for this, while there are plenty of other functions for oilcloth too.

If you’re into interior design, for example, you could explore cushion covers or keepsake box lining. With the same hardwearing properties and scope for gorgeous design, the possibilities are endless!

Of course, depending on your function, you may want to go with a plainer design – grey PVC tablecloth, for example, provides a uniform finish that can be used in contrast with many other colour schemes. The colour grey is a great base colour, as are black and white, though black is best used for indoor events so as not to absorb too much sunlight and heat.

Why not have a look at our extensive range and see what ideas you get to brighten up your home and garden.

Only oilcloths are the leading provider of wipe clean oilcloths in the UK. You will find that you can purchase a range of oilcloths from us and our knowledgeable team will help guide you through the various options.

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All our oilcloths are made from cotton fabrics which are coated in the UK.