A world of Wipe Clean tablecloths

All the style, none of the hassle

Our easy wipe tablecloths aren’t just limited to covering our eating space. Designers and hobbyists have been stretching their creative and practical muscles. Turning our wipeable tablecloths into bags for life, fridge mats and have even proven our table cloths make a very sturdy curtain.

Our table cloths are long lasting and easy to clean, requiring only a wipe with a damp cloth. That’s it.

Let the kids loose

You can let play time free without a care in the world on our wipe clean table cloth. If you’re doing baby led weaning, then why not fit one under the high chair. In fact, if you’re feeding someone in a high chair, it’s probably worth putting one down anyway.

Fire up the BBQ

You’re not limited to the indoors with our tablecloths. Take your order to go, either in the garden or out for the family picnic. Dirt, food, the lot. All easily wiped off with a damp cloth

Oilcloth for years to come

Tablecloths are available in many different materials, each with its own features.


A very durable fabric that is easy to produce making it a cost effective options for indoors. If used outdoors cotton can mold or even deteriorate when exposed to harsher weather conditions. Cotton can be coloured but multi-coloured patterns may bleed after washing.

As well as durable, cotton is very versatilte. All parts of cotton are used. Fibre and lint on the making of cotton cloth. Linters provide cellulose for making explosives, plastics and other products.


To be used both indoor and outdoor, a synthesized material that mixes well with others. Such as a with cotton to create a polyester blend.

A slightly shinier and silkier appearance to cotton and can be machine washed as well as dried. Polyester will also not shrink when put on a long cycle in a dryer.


Vinyl is often referred to as the infrastructure of plastic. Roughly over 70 percent of PVC is used in building and construction applications.

As a table cloth, it is more of an informal material but ideal for outdoor dining and picnics. When it comes to wipe clean tablecloths, vinyl is one of the best. It easily resists stains, light, water and air exposure.

Our wipe clean table cloths

Combining the vibrant colours of polyester, durability of cotton and the resistance of vinyl. Our printed materials have been sourced from premium suppliers and coated in a child safe finish. There’s no longer a need to find a compromise between design or practicality. All our  wipe table cloth are roughly 135cms in width and we supply wipe easy tablecloths to UK and overseas.

Contact the Only Oilcloths team today to see just how much choice you can have. We ship out wipe clean tablecloths to UK & International markets.

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