Matt Oilcloth

Modern oilcloths are an impeccable way to bring some personal charm, personality, bring some colour, and protect a kitchen table and personal charm to any dining space or kitchen. Oilcloths consist of printed fabric tablecloths that are available in a wide range of traditional, colourful, quirky, and modern designs. Post production they are coated with hot melt PVC to make sure they are wipeable and waterproof to protect the fabric and table.

Advantage matt finished oilcloths

Modern oilcloths are available in either matt or gloss finishes. The gloss finishes have an uncanny resemblance to the traditional style, sans the cheaper plastic appearance associated with those oilcloths. The durability of modern generation oilcloths makes them more suitable for homes with young kids. The matt finish is one more innovation, thanks to new methods of manufacturing oilcloths. The finish is more subtle with matt oilcloths. It ensures that their appearance is closer to the original fabric. More and more people nowadays prefer matt oilcloth tablecloths to the glossy ones. The Matt finish tablecloth, designed to look more like a cloth fabric, also gives the tablecloth a more subtle look. It boasts of a slightly softer feel as well, allowing the user to clean it easily. This is an advantage for individuals preferring a less plastic feel or look to their décor.

No light reflection

No matter, however you set up your dining table, you, your family members, and your guests will notice reflection of light in the gloss finish tablecloths. Also, smudges and fingerprints show up more on such tablecloths. On the contrary, a matt oilcloth neither reflects light or show fingerprints and smudges. They are easier to clean as well. Since their surface is non-slippery, crockery and other items kept on them will not skid or slip when accidentally touched.

Matt gives a textured finish to your tabletop, and will not change irrespective of the light under which it is viewed. This is extremely vital. Such a surface has a longer life than its glossy counterparts have.

How are matt oilcloths made?

Matt tablecloths are made from a printed cotton weave that is then finished by coating it with special wipe-clean vinyl. The matt finish is given during the coating process. Matt tablecloths are extremely popular as they:

  • Are long lasting
  • There is no need to wash them, just wiping with a soft cloth dipped in a soapy solution is enough.
  • Do not crack
  • Do not fray

Just wipe clean

Matt prints are less vulnerable to accidental damage. The sticky surface of glossy prints can make debris, dirt, and fingerprints mess an image. Since matt finishes are non-sticky, therefore they don’t attract such artefacts. The act of wiping itself can damage glossy tablecloths with a microfiber towel, a problem not associated with matt finish tablecloths. The sheer range of matt oilcloth fabric available nowadays makes it a popular choice among households.

Where to purchase

You need to purchase these tablecloths from a reputable dealer like oilcloths who are in the business for many years. Some of their ranges include: