Retro Oilcloth

Oilcloths are a great way to protect the kitchen table and bring a splash of colour, personality and retro charm to any kitchen or dining space. Oilcloths are printed fabric tablecloths that come in a wide range of colourful, retro, traditional and quirky designs, and then protected with a vinyl plastic (PVC) coating to ensure they are waterproof and wipeable, to protect the fabric and table.

Unlike traditional oilcloth designs, modern PVC covers over a retro pattern look more like the original tablecloth fabric, without the ‘plastic’ appearance that was common for those made using older manufacturing techniques. Not only does this ensure they look fabulous, complimenting any room, colour schemes, and other design features, but the durable surface means they can be wiped clean – even bleached when trying to get rid of stubborn food stains – without damaging the fabric.

Retro designs and fabrics make a kitchen more homely, which makes them a wonderful addition to any dining room table for families who regularly eat dinner together. Retro oilcloths are ideal for families with children since you don’t need to put them in a washing machine to clean away food and drink stains. Just spray or wipe, and your kitchen table is ready for the next meal.

Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor Tables

Retro oilcloths can be customised for tables of every size and shape, from one square metre, up to a 20-metre roll. We have dozens of retro designs in our collection, to suit a wide variety of kitchen and dining spaces, from the traditional dining room to the open plan kitchen.

Our collection also includes circular, retro oilcloths, for the patio table that comes with a centre hole to fit a parasol. Perfect for warm summer afternoons and evenings. Oilcloths aren’t designed to be kept outdoors all the time but are worth bringing out when you want to add a splash of colour to garden parties when the weather is warm.

Retro Oilcloths: Designed and Finished for Any Home

Retro oilcloths come with two options for the finish: Gloss or Matt. A gloss finish is closer to the traditional style, except without the cheap plastic appearance that was common for oilcloths. These are more durable, so ideal for homes with younger children. A Retro design, such as the patchwork pattern or the seagulls, is a beautiful addition to kitchens with pine or oak tables. The matt finish is another innovation, thanks to the new ways of making oilcloths. With Matt oilcloths, the finish is more subtle – less shiny – making the appearance look closer to the original fabric. Matt oilcloths are an increasingly popular choice.

We have a wonderful selection of retro designs, from floral and classic, through to gingham and check, giving any kitchen and dining room a stylish, yet retro finish. Our Retro range includes everything from a Bird Garden Duckegg Matt oilcloth to a Great Gingham Royal Gloss oilcloth. Designs and finishes to suit any home and colour scheme, making each retro oilcloth a reflection of your personal taste and style.

Take a look at our range today. We have a retro oilcloth selection suitable for any home and kitchen design. Every oilcloth is durable, easy to clean, with a beautiful design and finish.

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