Blue Oilcloth Tablecloth

Once upon a time the tablecloth was a staple of every home. It was associated with doing things properly and usually a feature of the best room in the house. If you were entertaining, it really wouldn’t be done to place plates and food on a table without a cloth. They had to be properly laundered and presented too. Nobody wanted to be seen using a dirty, creased or scruffy tablecloth. A family might have tablecloths that were only brought out on special occasions such as Christmas or a birthday. For some people they would represent a substantial investment and would be carefully looked after. Many young couples received a tablecloth as a wedding present.

The tablecloth fell out of fashion during the latter half of the twentieth century. They were perhaps associated with Sunday afternoon tea at your grandma’s house or perhaps fine dining at a certain kind of upmarket restaurant. However, that’s all changed over the past decade or so. The shabby chic trend reintroduced lots of styles and interior accessories once beloved by our grandparents and gave them a modern twist.

Blue is a classic choice

Blue tablecloths are a great choice. They have a cool, calm and peaceful feel and can be used as part of a sensitive overall room colour scheme. Alternatively, blue is often associated with professional environments. So, if you’re looking a tablecloth for an office or conference, then blue makes an excellent choice. As a general rule, darker blues work better in rooms that are lighter overall. Conversely, lighter blues can bring a sense of tranquillity and calm to darker rooms.

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The benefits of oilcloth are being rediscovered

Created by coating a fabric such as cotton or linen with PVC on one side, oil cloths are waterproof and stain resistant. Unlike pure PVC cloths however, because they are part-fabric, they can be folded and drape better over furniture. Now in an incredible range of designs, oilcloth is a hard wearing, stylish and a fun choice for the modern home.

Tablecloths offer both style and protection

Dining room and kitchen tables often represent a major investment. Most people will keep them for many years. Often tables in homes are heirlooms, handed down to us from members of the family. They can often be very old and were perhaps the pride and joy of our grandparents or great grandparents. Tablecloths offer some protection to tables from accidental bangs and scrapes. They prevent hot plates and containers marking the surface. They provide some protection from spillages.

Not only that, they make the table into another interior design canvas onto which you can put your personal style.

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