Cream Tablecloths

How to pick a colour for your wipe clean tablecloth

With the wide range available from Only Oilcloths, it’s easy to pick a perfect colour or pattern for your home, restaurant or event.

Classic cottage look

Cream vinyl tablecloths are a perfect choice for a cottage kitchen table, protecting the farmhouse table and enabling the easy clean after breakfast and family meals, paired with accessories such as flowers it’s the ideal choice of wipe clean tablecloth to bring into your home.

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For Wedding reception

Cream and white are synonymous with weddings, the champagne colours of a cream wipe clean tablecloth, perfectly match the bridal schemes of many wedding receptions. Creating an ideal place for the cake and catering, a white vinyl tablecloth is often used by many wedding planners.

For Christening party

Decorating a christening venue with cakes and food for the guests means that you will need a matching wipe clean tablecloth. With the Only Oilcloth range, you can find an appropriate white oilcloth tablecloth to blend into the venue.

Vintage theme party

Holding a vintage themed party, clean classic white wipe clean tablecloths are ideal for the venue. With vinyl tablecloths providing an easy to clean answer to buffet food mess, with the gloss finish the retro party stays within the theme.

Our Jack Regency gloss oilcloth also looks fantastic when made into bunting.

Seaside Escape

You may have a seaside escape with an entrance table, the seagulls gloss oilcloth is a lovely addition to any side table or family dining area. If you are looking for a classic clean airing living look, we recommend the classic cream vinyl tablecloth range to protect your dining area.

Why buy a coloured oilcloth from Only oilcloths?

Only Oilcloths is a leading online retailer for all of your oilcloth requirements, whether you are looking for a particular pattern to fit a theme to decorate your venue, add to your home or look after a busy dining room table, we have your covered. With patterns including Atlas designs through to modern oilcloths for the home decoration, our online store offers some of the best. Our pricing is very competitive, so you can bring an ideal oilcloth into your home for all budgets.

Why own an oilcloth tablecloth?

Easy clean tablecloths such as oilcloths are fabrics containing a very tight woven thread with a waterproof treatment coating. Oilcloths are a great solution to protect tables and help caters keep tables clean. Oilcloths remain popular with households due to the durability and affordable cost.

What are the benefits of using an oilcloth?

With a vinyl tablecloth used to protect a table from spills or food, oilcloths are still a staple at events or restaurants. An affordable wipe clean tablecloth with a classic gloss coating is common in cafes and bars, enabling the staff to quickly clean down an area, ready for another guest.

Busy homes with families leading hectic lifestyles need a quick vinyl wipe down tablecloth to take care of the clean up after breakfast, lunch and dinner. Hotel owners providing catering for their guests, with breakfast and evening services appreciate the speed that they can clean up after meals when using oilcloths in their dining area.

See our Cream oilcloths here