Green Oilcloths

What are the benefits of owning a wipe clean oilcloth

If you are looking for a wipe clean tablecloth that will take a lot of wear and tear, a wipe clean oilcloth will tick all of the boxes. An oilcloth is easy to incorporate to your home or restaurant decor, suitable for catering and venues requiring a quick and easy to clean solution to protect their tables from diners.

The hard wearing oilcloth fabric is treated with a coating to make sure it is waterproof and very easy to wipe clean, saving you time at work or home.

How to pick the perfect Green wipe clean tablecloth

For matching your ideal wipe clean tablecloth you need to consider your use, design theme or colour scheme. Only Oilcloths offer a diverse assortment of options, from vintage themed patterns, to modern oilcloths, there is a large range to explore suitable for all needs.

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For a classically designed restaurant or eatery with neutral colours and pallets featuring creams and greens, incorporating a green oilcloth such as the regency olive matt oilcloth into your designing space, will provide a solution for easily cleaning down tables ready to seat your next guests.

Festive Season

For families entertaining over the festive season we have the perfect solution to bring seasonal cheer to the dining room. Our Robins Green Gloss Oilcloth is a wonderful addition to the home, full of robins in festive colours. Incorporating a green oilcloth during the Christmas season will help protect your dining table from spills and stains, whilst the family enjoy meals together.

If you are looking for more of a classic green oilcloth incorporating a festive theme into the home take a look at our Christmas Labels Matt Oilcloth.

Home Decor

Busy households are short on time for cleaning between meals, exploring options on how to incorporate an oilcloth into your kitchen or living room area to protect surfaces from damage is a great idea. Only Oilcloths modern range includes green oilcloths in tones of duck egg green with a variety of patterns such as birds and daisies, matching many current kitchen interior trends.

Garden Design

With the current trend of exotic prints and tropical designs, Only Oilcloths have introduced a new range of wipe clean table cloths in green such as the Rainforest Tropical Matt oilcloth, designed for both interior and exterior use, consider adding a tropical oilcloth to a garden table or side table, that complements your garden plants, and protects and outdoor furniture.

Why our customers order tablecloths from Only Oilcloths

Our customers visit us for the large and varied range of good quality affordable oilcloths available to purchase online. Based in the UK our extensive range overs restaurants, hotels, event organisers and home owners the opportunity to purchase a perfectly matched oilcloth to their needs.

The Only Oilcloths online shop can also provide samples to review before a full purchase alongside a comprehensive blog of ideas and inspiration for oilcloths in the home, or restaurant.

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