Purple Oilcloth Tablecloth

Purple Wipe Clean Tablecloths for Your Home

Oilcloths are uniquely printed cotton fabrics that are given a hot melt vinyl plastic (PVC) coating. This layer ensures the cloth is waterproof and easy to wipe clean, protecting the fabric for years to come. Perfect for use as home tablecloths, oilcloths will protect your table and catch any mess falling from dinner plates which can be wiped away in an instant.

Choose your oilcloth in a natural gloss or matte finish. Plus, choose from a massive range of beautiful oilcloth designs including; spotty and dotty, floral, wildlife and country, modern, classic, plain, children’s and many more. If you’re looking to add a little sparkle to the dinner table, a stunning oilcloth is the way to go.

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Benefits of Using an Oilcloth Tablecloth

At Only Oilcloths we offer a huge range of oilcloths which come in a range of sizes. They are not only practical, making it easy to keep your tables clean, but they actually add a beautiful, unique style aesthetic to any home whether you own a farmhouse or a contemporary flat. Oilcloths offer many benefits including;

  • Wide choice of patterns and colours to choose from
  • Wipe-able surface that also protects the cotton from wear
  • Choose from a gloss or matte finish
  • Perfect for use in the kitchen, dining room, garden, picnic table or kids room
  • Oilcloth can even be made into fashionable designer bags
  • The protective coating is extremely durable and will never fray or crack

Purchase an Oilcloth for all Occasions

Do you love to entertain in the garden? Are you having friends over for a picnic soon? Is dinner time sometimes a messy affair with the kids? Oilcloths make the perfect protective tablecloth that you can rely on to do its job. No matter what is dropped on an oilcloth, it can be wiped away fast leaving the beautiful design on the tablecloth intact.

And what about birthdays, special events and Christmas celebrations? You can choose a uniquely designed oilcloth that matches any occasion. We have 14, beautiful Christmas oilcloths you can choose from which the kids and everyone else will love. Check out our blog for inspiration. Our designers have even created one of a kind oilcloth designs for Mother’s Day.

Brighten Up Mealtimes with a Range of Oilcloth Colours and Patterns

Add a little personality to mealtimes with a unique oilcloth. Choose from a range of colours like purple, pink, red, blue, beige, green and mustard. And of course, you can choose a style that suits you including vintage, retro, modern and classic tablecloth designs. We also love patterns at Only Oilcloths and our designers are always adding to the range. Have a scroll through our online store, we’re certain you’ll find a beautiful oilcloth design that suits you.

Order Your Favourite Oilcloth Today from Only Oilcloths

Only Oilcloths has been designing and selling oilcloths for many years. We’ve perfected the design to give you a truly unique fabric, that is protected and long-lasting. Made from cotton and coated in the UK, we produce the highest quality oilcloths on the market. Order today or request a sample.

See our Purple oilcloths here