Red PVC Tablecloth Guide

The benefits of owning an oilcloth

An oilcloth table covering is a hard-wearing alternative to cotton table coverings. With a conventional glossy finish to the fabric, the wipe-clean fabric is easy to clean and provides a hygienic solution for restaurants, bars, and event catering teams, whilst protecting the table.

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Why would you use oilcloth?

Oilcloths are a popular choice for cafes and restaurants, looking for an easy clean oilcloth to decorate their tables both inside and outside. Quick cleaning of tables ready for the next guest is one of the main benefits to a wipe-clean tablecloth.

With the Only Oilcloths large range of colours to explore, the red oilcloth tablecloth is a favoured choice for French or Italian restaurants.

For event planners looking for an oilcloth solution to decorate a venues table, ready for props and catering, oilcloths are a welcome addition to help with cleaning throughout the event and the easy breakdown after.

How Oilcloths can help decorate your event

Children’s party

Themed parties are always great fun. Red oilcloths work perfectly with children’s parties, with the benefit of an easy to clean fabric. Red is a vibrant primary colour, works great with superhero themes, or Disney characters. Paired with bright balloons and bunting, our red oilcloths can allow you to keep the children’s tables clean as they are so easy to wipe down, whilst also protecting the tables.

Rock and roll theme parties

Holding a vintage tea party with a red theme? red is often associated with youth and also romance. The ’50s was a romantic era, with rock and roll played at parties and dance halls. Our red oilcloth tablecloth is a perfect partner for rockabilly get-togethers.

Engagement parties

Red is the colour of love when catering for all of your friends and family to celebrate an engagement, bring red into the room with a red oilcloth.

Oilcloths are commonly used as a centerpiece for a card or cake stand, looking picture perfect for family photographs, of the big occasion.

What colours are available in oilcloths

The Only Oilcloths colour guides helps our customers find the perfect colour match for their party or catering needs.

Perhaps you are looking for a plain oilcloth for a subtle match to your decoration, there are plenty of choices available from our range. The primary colours of red oilcloths, green oilcloths and natural oatmeal oilcloths all prove to be some of our best sellers.

If you are looking for an oilcloth that creates impact and allows you to decorate a centrepiece for a birthday party or wedding engagement our customers love the floral oilcloth collection and the check and stripe oilcloth selection.

Why buy your Oilcloth from Only oilcloths?

With the extensive range of oilcloths, from dotty patterns, through to themes such as wildlife and patterns perfect for children’s parties, our clients return time and time again. Only Oilcloths are both affordable and easy to order online, based in the UK we also supply oilcloth perfect for homemade bunting.

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