Teal PVC Tablecloth Guide

Oilcloths are commonly used on kitchen, patio, dining, and café tables. They are also popular for other things. You will find them mostly in eating areas. They can also be set up as basket liners, shelf and drawers linings, and stools. You will also find them on tote bags, makeup bags, and toiletries. If you are planning to throw a themed party or go camp, oilcloths by Only Oilcloths will come in handy as well.

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Benefits of Using an Oilcloth

Oilcloths are extremely useful items in the kitchen. They are loved for durability, cheerful colours and designs, and ease of cleaning. You can have an oilcloth in a variety of prints or solid colours. It can actually be a centrepiece in your kitchen if you are looking for novelty, classic, retro, or patterned décor. You will be pleased to know that our vinyl tablecloths hardly fray. They are also waterproof and provide a smooth and shiny surface that attracts the eye. Thanks to their smoothness, oilcloths are very easy to wipe clean in case of common spills. Simply use some warm soapy water and sponge. Then dry the surface with a clean cloth. It is not advisable to machine-wash a tablecloth.

Because you want to maintain the dazzling colours, avoid hanging your oilcloths in direct sunlight. Always hang them indoors or under a shade. If you want to cut into different shapes, use scissors but avoid pinning because it will create unsightly perforations. Apply clips to hold the materials in place. Never iron an oilcloth. Instead, finger-press it to remove creases. Or leave a pile of books on top to hold the creases.

Choosing the Perfect Colours for Oilcloth

Originally, oilcloth was made of linen or cotton duck fabric and coated with linseed oil that has been heated to give it waterproofing qualities. It was replaced with waxed cotton in the 19th Century and today oilcloths are synonymous with printed vinyl tablecloths. Many people prefer vivid colours because they create the desired aura in any setting. Your choice of colour can define the character of your home décor. Check out these examples.


Blue represents tranquillity, peace, trustworthiness, intelligence and efficiency. For instance, teal vinyl tablecloth falls under the shade of blue. Such a cooler shade can stimulate relaxation, allowing your guests to feel comfortable. See our guide to blue oilcloths here.


Red denotes love, power, strength, energy, joy, passion, boldness, and courage. Oilcloths in red hues are perfect accent items to add a vibrant mood to an otherwise neutral environment. See our guide to red oilcloths here.


Green palettes evoke nature. They signify rest, luxury, harmony, safety, freshness, and durability. If you want to stimulate a natural ambiance and serenity in your interior design, consider green tablecloths. See our guide to green oilcloths here.


Black is mysterious, glamorous, powerful, elegant, and sophisticated. Do not shy away from using black oilcloths because they pair well with most pastel colours. It is also a perfect match for wooden accents. Black tablecloths look good on darker rooms, or areas dominated by neutral shades like white. See our guide to black oilcloths here.

Revamp Your Décor With Only Oilcloths

Believe it or not, a simple oilcloth can have a huge impact on the ambient feel of any space. There is power in colours. You will be surprised at the difference that teal vinyl tablecloth can have on your kitchen décor. Buy from the experts at Only Oilcloths because they understand the needs of every space. The ultimate choice depends on the amount of space and the textures of the surrounding elements. Create the ideal look for a party setting today using coloured vinyl tablecloths from Only Oilcloths.

See our Teal oilcloths here