White oilcloth

The popularity of white tablecloths comes as no surprise, with white being an exceptionally elegant colour that works well as part of virtually any colour scheme. However, tablecloths tend to attract a lot of mess and grime, which is why so many people find themselves looking for alternatives when seeking suitable protection for their tables. However, it is possible to buy tough, durable white tablecloths that won’t stain or fall into a state of disrepair easily. At Only Oilcloths, we can come to your assistance if you do require a white tablecloth that you can use for a considerable period of time before it needs to be replaced.

The benefits of tablecloths

Tablecloths in the home serve a number of purposes. Not only do they protect your table, but they also look great and can enhance the appearance of your space substantially. We are a noted source for stylish, practical white tablecloths that you can easily wipe clean in seconds. All you need to do to keep your tablecloths looking vibrant is wipe them after spillages occur. White tablecloths are suitable for a whole host of occasions and are an ideal match not only for residential customers but businesses such as cafes, pubs and restaurants as well as those organising weddings and other events.

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Why Only Oilcloths?

At Only Oilcloths, we have been supplying the PVC tablecloths also known as oilcloths for many years. Many people buy oilcloths as an alternative to other types of tablecloth for many reasons, such as their enhanced durability and lower price. We are always on hand to advise you if you do require more information before you make a purchase and are only happy when you are truly satisfied with the service that you have received.

A durable, stylish option

The PVC coating applied to our tablecloths delivers a waterproof, wipe-clean finish. Various advancements in the coating process have enabled us to add a stronger, more natural looking finish to our products. We are able to supply gloss and matt oilcloths in white, with the former being ideal for families with children and pets due to its enhanced durability. Both our matt and gloss tablecloths have an enthusiastic following amongst our customers.

A host of options

We are able to offer white tablecloths in a range of themes and patterns, with vintage, retro, classic and modern styles being available. We are also known for our range of designer and Scandinavian products and are confident we can provide what you are looking for regardless of your stylistic preferences. Our catalogue includes cloths to match every colour scheme and for all kinds of environments, including modern and traditional kitchens. We can also supply you with tablecloths for the garden and patio, and we can even add a parasol hole to your cloth if needed. What’s more is that we can supply PVC tablecloths in all sorts of sizes to meet a host of needs. It’s increasingly common for our tablecloths to be used to produce bags – PVC bags have become an incredibly popular fashion accessory over recent years.

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