Large Wipe Clean Tablecloths

Oilcloth tablecloths are one of the home’s necessities.

Able to protect your much-loved furniture while bringing some much-needed brightness and beautiful design to any living space, they are a must-have domestic product for any proud homeowner.

Large wipe clean oilcloths are very useful especially in busy areas of the home, such as a dining room.

For large families with sizeable dining tables, having a reliable wipe clean oilcloth to cover the furniture completely is vital, yet it can be difficult to find one big enough. Equally, if you have an unusually shaped worktop, finding an oilcloth to cover all parts of the surface can be tricky.

But not at Only Oilcloths. We stock one of the UK’s biggest selections of large wipeable oilcloths that can cover any shape or size of dining table or worktop. With a size range covering all measurements from 52”x71” right the way to 52”x315”, you are guaranteed to find an oilcloth tablecloth to suit your specific needs.

Sizes as follows:

  • 135cm X 180cm = 52”x71”
  • 135cm X 190cm = 52”x75”
  • 135cm X 200cm = 52”x78”
  • 135cm X 210cm = 52”x82”
  • 135cm X 220cm = 52”x86”
  • 135cm X 230cm = 52”x90”
  • 135cm X 240cm = 52”x94”
  • 135cm X 250cm = 52”x98”
  • 135cm X 260cm = 52”x102”
  • 135cm X 280cm = 52”x110”
  • 135cm X 300cm = 52”x118”
  • 135cm X 325cm = 52”x128”
  • 135cm X 350cm = 52”x137”
  • 135cm X 375cm = 52”x147”
  • 135cm X 400cm = 52”x157”
  • 135cm X 450cm = 52”x177”
  • 135cm X 500cm = 52”x197”
  • 135cm X 600cm = 52”x236”
  • 135cm X 800cm = 52”x315”

When measuring your table, please remember to allow for the overhang of the oilcloth. We recommend that between 20-25cm (7”-10”) at each end of the table is ideal for an overhang. You should therefore add 40-50 cm (16”-20”) onto the length of your table in order to have a perfect sized tablecloth.

However, unless you’re a seasoned mathematician you won’t know your dining table measurements by sight. Therefore it’s a good gauge to go off how many people your table seats.

For instance, if you have an eight-seater table which is commonly 90cmx220cm (35”x86”), you should go for the 52”x110” cloth – after adding the extra length for overhang. Equally, if you have a ten seater table which is commonly 100cmx280cm (39”x110”), it would be a good idea to go for the 52”x137” cloth.

Here at Only Oilcloths we stock an expansive range of large size oilcloths to suit any home interior style. From floral and wildlife patterns to Christmas-themed designs and plain and simple cloths, we are confident our selection of oilcloths are the best available, offering value for money and aesthetic quality.

Our measurements and shapes are intricate and diverse, ensuring you can find an wipe easy oilcloth that fits your furniture perfectly. After all, this is a timeless product designed to last, so you need to be sure it’s just right.

Rectangle tablecloths are the most common shape of tablecloth on the market. They are functional, practical and enhance the appearance of square and other regular sided tables. As well as providing protection from damage, rectangle tablecloths soften the regular sharp edges of rectangular tables. This helps to create a softer, more appealing appearance.

And you can forget tired-looking oilcloths around here. Our wealth of eye-catching deigns are available in a selection of colours and shades to blend in with your home decor. Be it a taupe-shaded plain cloth to tone-down a busy room or a bright and beautiful yellow cloth to bring the sunshine indoors, you’ll find the perfect shade from our catalogue.

So what’re you waiting for? Browse our extensive range now to find your perfect large oilcloth.