Autumn Colours

Autumn colours

Embrace the gorgeous autumn colours with a new oilcloth from Only Oilcloths

Autumn has officially arrived! Woodland walks through golden leaves, curling up under cosy blankets, gathering the family around the table for a hearty meal – these are just some of the wonderful things that we love about autumn.

Embrace this beautiful season and give your kitchen or dining room a new lease of life with an autumnal inspired oilcloth. Whether you’re looking for a classic gold, a vibrant orange or a lovely yellow, we have a fantastic range of patterns, colours and designs that will suit any taste.

Here are just a few of our autumn favourites:

Autumn Leaves
Autumn Leaves Matt Oilcloth

Leaves Mustard

Maple Berry
Maple Berry

Mulberry Tree Autumn 

by Only Oilcloths