Be inspired by the latest trends!

Are you ready for a home décor re-vamp after a LOT of time spent indoors?!

Big on Instagram right now, Cottagecore, is a nostalgic and comforting interpretation of simpler times. Combining colours, patterns and details your Granny might have had!

Here are some of our favourite designs which complement this popular trend.

‘Morrisette’ matt oilcloth

‘Coleridge’ matt oilcloth

‘Rainforest Linen’ matt oilcloth

‘Rosy Lee’ matt oilcloth

Choosing the perfect size!

Once, you have chosen your favourite design and are ready to measure up, just remember to allow for the overhang of the oilcloth!

We recommend that between 20-25cm at each end of the table is ideal for an overhang. You should therefore add 40-50 cm (16”-20”) onto the length of your table in order to have a perfect sized tablecloth.

by Only Oilcloths