Easy Wipe Tablecloths

There are so many benefits attached to using easy wipe tablecloths. When you purchase easy wipe tablecloths, you don’t need to worry so much about maintaining the cloth that protects your table, and you can rest assured that the product won’t break or come apart with ease. At Only Oilcloths, we can come to your assistance if you do require easy wipe tablecloths for your home. We specialise in supplying oilcloths featuring PVC coatings that offer a waterproof, wipe clean finish. There have been many advancements to coating processes over the years, which have helped us make our tablecloths stronger than ever and delivered a whole new finish. This new finish makes tablecloths look much more authentic and reduce the resemblance to plastic.

Matt and gloss

We offer oilcloths in a wide range of designs to meet a host of needs and preferences. Our catalogue consists of tablecloths with a traditional gloss finish as well as matt oilcloths. Matt oilcloths may look slightly more authentic than the already-impressive gloss options, but the latter are ideal for families with children as they are slightly more durable. Whether you opt for matt or gloss tablecloths may depend on whether you have young children or pets at home.

Clean in moments

Washing conventional tablecloths can be an arduous process, whereas our PVC cloths can normally be wiped clean in a matter of seconds, so they never have to leave the table for a long period of time. Our oilcloths aren’t simply practical – they also have great aesthetic value and can add a great deal of colour and style to your kitchen or dining room. No matter what your current colour scheme is, we are confident we can help you find something that suits. A large number of our tablecloths have been designed with outdoor use in mind, making them an excellent match for garden parties and other events. They can add a magical dash of colour to your garden table, and we can even add a parasol hole if you wish.

All sorts of sizes available

We can cut oilcloths and tablecloths in all sorts of sizes and can therefore cater for you whether you need a solution for a small table or something grander in size. All of the oilcloths in our range are manufactured from cotton fabrics, coated right here in the UK. Our tablecloths don’t crack or fray, which means they don’t require hemming. We simply cut the cloths from the roll. All you need to do to keep your cloth clean is wipe it with a damp cloth. Our cloths are ideal for when you are cooking, socialising, supervising children during play and all kinds of other events.

Contact us

For further information on our easy wipe tablecloths, simply get in touch today. You can call us on 01253 726666 or send an email to sales@onlyoilcloths.co.uk.