Perfect Picnic Oilcloths!

Picnic Patterns

Oilcloths for the perfect picnic!

The school summer holidays will soon be here and we’re sure that you have lots of exciting plans to keep the little ones entertained! When the weather’s so beautiful, what better way to spend your time than with a picnic? Our oilcloths are perfect for picnics and we have a gorgeous selection of gingham and check patterns to choose from.

In this blog article, we’ve put together some of our oilcloth designs that are just perfect for the picnic table and outdoor dining!

Gingham and check oilcloths

At Only Oilcloths, we stock a huge range of gorgeous small and large gingham and check designs in a range of beautiful colours. Gingham and check oilcloths are ideal for creating that more traditional look and are absolutely perfect to bring out on sunny days to brighten up your home, garden or picnic table!

Here are just a few of our favourites:

Gingham Red Gloss Oilcloth


Country Check Denim Gloss Oilcloth

Picnic Mushroom Gloss Oilcloth

Great Gingham Rose Gloss Oilcloth

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by Only Oilcloths