Designer Oilcloth Fabric

Designer oilcloth fabric

At Only Oilcloths, we can come to your assistance if you are in need of high-quality designer oilcloths from a leading source. The designer products that we stock are designed to last for years before they need to be replaced and will add valuable extra elegance to your space. Advancements in technology have enabled us to add a whole new finish to oilcloth, making it look less like plastic. We are able to provide you with exquisite matt wipe clean oilcloths for spaces where accidents are less likely to happen but can also supply you with harder gloss oilcloths if you need to think about children and pets.

High calibre oilcloths

More and more people are heading straight to Only Oilcloths when they require designer wipeable oilcloths of the highest quality. There are many different themes to choose from, and we are very confident we can cater for you no matter which styles and patterns appeal to you the most. Our wipe easy oilcloths are ideal for those aiming to breathe new life into their kitchens, and we frequently offer up new patterns. Popular themes amongst our customers include classic, modern, vintage, retro, floral, wildlife, country, new naturals and more. We also add new Scandinavian designers to our oilcloths throughout the year, providing you with a richly diverse range of patterns to meet any colour scheme.

Oilcloths for all

We can provide wipe clean oilcloths to suit all kinds of environments, including classic farmhouse kitchens to modern spaces and can also cater for you if you need an oilcloth for an outdoor space. Many of our wipeable oilcloths can be brought out on sunny days to brighten up your space, and we can even add a parasol hole to your product if required. We want you to be happy with your investment, which is why we encourage you to get in touch at any point if you do require more information before purchasing.

A vast range of sizes

You also have a wide range of options when it comes to size. We can provide everything from a small table cloth measuring just one square metre to a large 20-meter roll of fabric, with a host of options in between. This fabric isn’t just used for tables – several of our customers have purchased it to manufacture their own bags. In fact, bags made from oilcloths have become popular fashion accessories over recent years. Each of our oilcloths is made from cotton fabrics that have been coated right here in the UK. Another reason why our designer oilcloths have become so popular is that they don’t fray, crack or need to be hemmed – we simply cut them from the roll. You can keep your oilcloth fabric clean by simply wiping it with a damp cloth.

Contact us today

To find out more about our designer oilcloths, get in touch today. You can reach us by calling us on 01253 726666, or sending an email to Why wait any longer to get in touch? We can help you source the perfect oilcloths for your needs.