Extra Wide Fabric Oilcloth

If you’re planning a large event this summer, be it a wedding or a community gathering, you might be wondering what to do for table coverings. If it’s an outdoor event, the vagaries of the weather during the British summer could complicate your decision further.

Wipe clean oilcloths are an increasingly popular choice when event planning, particularly when there’s food and drink involved. They’re antibacterial, easy to wipe clean and highly resistant to stains and water. Being so easy to maintain, they’re capable of being used again and again. They’re resilient and can last many years. The ever-expanding range of designs available means there’s something for every occasion. As well as being practical, they can really help to bring a splash of colour to any kind of occasion.

Extra wide fabric oilcloth is a great choice for your event

If you’re a wedding venue or are organising a large family or community gathering, extra wide wipeable oilcloths are an excellent choice. Coming in sizes wide enough to cover large tables, they make for an excellent alternative to traditional tablecloths or their paper alternatives that were forever tearing and staining at events. They are brilliant at outdoor events with a range of designs and colours to match any occasion.

If you’re looking for extra wide fabric oilcloth UK for your event, then Only Oilcloths can help. Our extra wide fabric oilcloth is 135cm wide, making it a great choice for large tables at events.

When measuring your table remember to allow 20-25cm for overhang. You should therefore add 40-50cm onto your table measurements to be sure you have the right fit.

Whatever your choice of design extra wide fabric oilcloth is a perfect choice for your event. Contact us today to find out more about the designs we can offer you.

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What is oilcloth?

Oilcloth has been around since the 19th century and was originally used as a floor cover. Not to be confused with linoleum, early oilcloth was loved for its wipe clean and hard-wearing qualities. It’s also been used as an alternative to the more expensive leather as a material for making shoes, bags and other leather made products. It’s a highly versatile, attractive and durable fabric that is used around the world both indoors and outdoors.

Oilcloth fabric is not the same as PVC fabric

Coated PVC fabrics are often used for tablecloths and are sometimes confused with oilcloths. Both have a similar feel but there are significant differences between the two fabrics. Oilcloth fabrics are made with 100% cotton and are then coated with PVC to make it waterproof. PVC fabrics are made with 100% PVC. As a result, oilcloth fabric will feel much softer. It also makes some practical differences too. Because plastics cannot easily fold, PVC fabric will make sharp tables edges even sharper. Oilcloth will soften edges as its sits much better on the table because it folds much better and is more malleable.